With a dream to create awareness about the beauty of Bangladesh, Adventure Club Bangladesh was born

Adventure Club Bangladesh, launched in 2015 under the guidance and collaboration of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism Bangladesh, aimed to raise awareness among the younger generation about the stunning adventure destinations within Bangladesh. The project sought to boost tourism opportunities by showcasing the country’s natural beauty and encouraging adventure enthusiasts to explore activities such as mountaineering, trekking, hiking, bungee jumping, mountain biking, canoeing, scuba diving, rafting, kayaking, zip-lining, paragliding, sandboarding, caving, and rock climbing. Adventure Club Bangladesh was a project initiated by Build Better Bangladesh. ACB’s vision is to infuse a sense of adventure into people’s lives, creating a vibrant community of adventurous souls who seek unique memories and experiences. 🌄🌟


From our extensive research, We’ve realized that Buniyadi required changes in two major areas; design and branding

Babooi, formerly known as Horin Branding, has meticulously crafted a comprehensive brand design and identity. This endeavor seamlessly intertwines the user navigation experience with the very essence of the Adventure Club Bangladesh. The website, a testament to their creative prowess, not only reflects the club’s spirit but also ensures an engaging and intuitive journey for visitors. Babooi’s holistic approach extends across all social media channels, maintaining a consistent brand voice and identity.


Featured in many national newspaper and prestigious web portal

Adventure Club Bangladesh has garnered favorable acclaim from its stakeholders. The meticulously crafted website and brand identity have infused elegance into the project, particularly resonating with the younger generation through the incorporation of modern elements. Numerous national newspapers and news portals have prominently featured the dynamic activities of Adventure Club Bangladesh1 This recognition underscores the club’s commitment to promoting adventure spots in Bangladesh and fostering a sense of exploration and national pride among the youth of Bangladesh.

“We thank the team for trailblazing creativity. Godspeed!``

Hasib R. Founder & Lead, Build Better Bangladesh