Aqabah Cotton


Aqabah Cotton was looking for graphic solution to brag its statement to its clients

In a highly competitive RMG sector, Aqabah Cotton struggles to communicate its commitment and quality to its target audience. It was challenging to start the conversation when the graphical impression required major changes.


From our initial research, Babooi has realized the Aqabah Cottons need graphic solution

Focusing on premium fabric, Babooi has developed a deeper meaning in the graphical identity of Aqabah Cottons. Connecting the cotton flower with the brand was major graphical spark that we used in their graphics.


Sudden Jump in Clients’ Appeal was realized after the delivery

When asked after three months of our delivery, Babooi has approached the sales representatives and found a significant jump in favor of Aqabah Cottons. It was also gaining positive impression among the existing clients.

“Consumers really long for authentic telemedicine that goes to their long-term lifestyle. Glad that we found Bachao. Their branding and service quality is praisewothy``

Fahim Gazy (Customer of Buniyadi)