Bachao Health


With a dream to transform how healthcare and telemedicine is offered, Bachao was born

Bachao, one of Bangladesh’s premier telemedicine service providers, embarked on their journey with a vision to create a distinctive brand identity that resonates with their commitment to stakeholders and stands out in the healthcare industry


From our extensive research, We’ve realized that Buniyadi required changes in two major areas; design and branding

To make sure customers have the most convenient solution to their requirements, We’ve developed branding strategy for Bachao. We tries to ensure that it’s responsive to all devices. Hundreds of products each having as many as ten combination were all configured for giving customer optimum customization option. We’ve also made holistic approach to graphic solution with consistent brand voice and brand identity across all social media channels.


Featured in many national newspaper and prestigious web portal

Due to thought-provoking idea and effectively connecting marketing communication, Bachao quickly found popularity and recognition.Bachao currently one of the prestigious telemedicine brand in Dhaka and Beyond.

“Consumers really long for authentic telemedicine that goes to their long-term lifestyle. Glad that we found Bachao. Their branding and service quality is praisewothy``

Fahim Gazy (Customer of Buniyadi)