Brand identity and web design for tattoo studio Persona.

Being a companion company for farmers by providing high quality seeds, pesticides, herbicides; BioScience was looking for packaging design that properly reflect their core vision of trust and assistance.

Client: Bioscience Agro Crop Ltd.
Date: 2017-10-08
Services: Brand Identity, Packaging Design


As a supporter of agriculture by providing high-quality pesticides; Bioscience Agro Crop Ltd. was looking for packaging design that properly brags their offerings.

Being a supporter of agricultural development by providing high-quality pesticides; Biosceicne was looking for packaging design that properly reflects their services.


Modern Packaging design, while honoring regulations of packaging.

Even though there are not much room for innovation in packaging concept due to regulatory measures, Babooi has developed packaging design in a manner which provides the appropriate brand appeal for Bioscience Agro Crop Ltd.


New Era of Presticide Packaging in Bangladesh

There was a time where competition wasn’t fierce, and farmers choose products which are closest to them. Now fierce competition made important to packaging design. Modern and appealing packaging that is designed by Babooi, changed the game for Bioscience.

“We didn't know pesticides packaging can be that appealing.``

Rakib Mia A Customer of BioScience