Making A Difference in Tech Product Experience in Bangladesh

DX Generation, now operating under the name DX Tel Ltd, initially established itself as an electronic dealership in Bangladesh. Driven by a vision to become the go-to distributor for consumer electronics, particularly smartphones, within the country, DX Generation embarked on a mission to carve a distinct niche for itself. The year 2015 marked a critical juncture for the company, as it urgently sought a compelling brand identity that would set it apart in a competitive market. The transformation from DX Generation to DX Tel Ltd was not merely a change in name; it represented a strategic shift toward a more cohesive and impactful brand presence. By aligning its identity with modern elements and emphasizing its commitment to quality and innovation, DX Tel Ltd aimed to resonate with tech-savvy consumers. The rebranding process involved meticulous design thinking, integrating product, graphic, and environmental design elements to create a cohesive brand experience. Through this evolution, DX Tel Ltd positioned itself as a reliable partner for tech enthusiasts, offering a seamless journey into the world of consumer electronics. 📱🌟


From our brief research, We’ve realized that DX Generation required touchpoints

DX Generation, in its pursuit of providing convenient solutions to customer needs, meticulously crafted a brand identity. The essence of this identity lies in simplifying complexity and offering seamless choices. To represent the diverse range of products offered by DX Generation, an intriguing and unexplored color palette was employed, subtly transitioning through gradients. The loop-like shape within the brand signifies both complexity and the encompassing solutions it provides.


Gained meaningful spike in Sales and Brand Recognition

DX Generation quickly found recognition as a newcomer brand for the consumer electronic dealer industry in Bangladesh. This improved consumer perception allowed sudden jump in sales volume within the course of a new months after the project completion from Babooi (PKA. Horin).

“Their service quality is praiseworthy``

Dewan K (Founder & CEO of DX Group)