Eshan Agro

One of the largest rice-producing company in Dinajpur

Best in the market grains developed through modern procedures, Esha Agro is respected for its quality and trust.

Client: Chef Shahi Special
Date: February 28, 2019
Services: Packaging Design


Eshan Agro & Food (Pvt.) Ltd. is a professionally managed organization that specializes in providing comprehensive range of Aromatic Rice & Boil Rice.

By being consistent in meeting corporate commitment, Esha Agro had already been living up to its reputation. With a large clientele, Esha Agro had managed to expand its functions to other regions. But the company wanted to initiate its own brand with modern packaging and design. That is when we’re approached. As we had previous experience of working with other agricultural companies, our offerings were more reliable to Esha Agro.


We’re approached to make modern design for their packaging to make a statement in rice industry

With thorough research, we’ve realized that traditional companies like Esha Agro need a balanced approach to their design philosophy. Too much experimental and modern design would make a confusing reaction to traditional customers who have a preferable position toward conventional design. While increasingly younger customer base finds modern design more preferable. Our design approach was balanced. Using darker color palette and relevant graphical elements were used. Also, guidelines from regulatory authories were strictly followed. It was a difficult challenge in the creative process, but we’ve structurally executed the deliverables.


With growing recognition and appresial, Eshan Agro find pride for its successful in both B2B and B2C

Balanced, Modern packaging design of Eshan Agro has recived appresial from customers, stakeholders and critics. Stepping up with such modern branding apperance has made esha agro an inspiration for rice industry nationwide.

“Very few agencies understand mindset of traditional customers. Glad that Babooi lived up to own expectations``

Fayaz Meher Managing Director