Mindfully crafted, where style met comfort

Client: Evertale, Australia
Date: April 18, 2024
Services: Logo and Brand Identity


Evertale, a conscious and sustainable Australian slow fashion business, embraces the slow fashion movement by crafting timeless, ethically-sourced garments that celebrate mindful consumption..

As a newcomer in the sustainable fashion realm, evertale requires a striking brand identity to distinguish itself from established competitors. This identity must exude a contemporary aesthetic while conveying the brand’s ethical values and commitment to slow fashion principles. A cohesive visual language that captivates consumers and resonates with evertale’s target audience is crucial. The brand identity should encompass everything from logo design to packaging, reflecting evertale’s philosophy of mindful consumption. Ultimately, an iconic brand image will elevate evertale above the saturated eco-fashion market.


Evertale knew they needed a distinctive brand identity to stand out in the crowded sustainable fashion space.

That’s when they turned to babooi, a branding agency renowned for their innovative and impactful approach. From the initial discovery phase, babooi immersed themselves in Evertale’s story, values, and vision for the future. They conducted in-depth research into the brand’s target audience and competitors to gain valuable insights.
Armed with a comprehensive understanding of Evertale’s needs, babooi crafted a powerful brand strategy centered around the concept of “Mindful Elegance.” This guided the development of an iconic logo featuring clean lines and an earthy color palette that exudes sophistication and sustainability. Babooi’s branding experts extended this cohesive visual language across all brand touchpoints, from hang tags and shopping bags to Evertale’s social media presence. The result is a captivating identity that resonates with conscious consumers seeking ethical fashion that doesn’t compromise on style.


The bold yet sophisticated visual language immediately grabbed the attention of Evertale’s target audience – eco-conscious consumers who appreciate both style and sustainability

The unique and impactful brand identity developed by babooi proved to be an invaluable asset for the newly-launched Evertale. The distinctive logo and color palette made Evertale instantly recognizable, helping the brand establish a strong presence amidst a sea of competitors.
Moreover, babooi’s strategic approach ensured that Evertale’s brand identity accurately reflected the company’s core values and commitment to slow fashion principles. This authentic representation fostered a deep connection with consumers, positioning Evertale as a brand they could trust and resonate with on an emotional level. The consistent visual identity across all touchpoints created a seamless and immersive brand experience, further solidifying Evertale’s position as a leader in ethical fashion. Ultimately, babooi’s work empowered Evertale to outshine established brands and captivate a loyal customer base from the very start.

“We believed Babooi can handle the design perspective of our newly formed brand ``

Abdus Siam Co-Founder, Evertale