Client: Fasal Agro Industries Ltd.
Website: faibd.com
Date: November 16, 2015
Services: Brand Identity, Website Development


Fasal Agro Industries Ltd., or FAI, is dedicated to boosting agricultural yields by offering top-notch agro products and insights to farmers.

When they were starting out, they recognized the need for a solid brand identity that would clearly convey their dedication.


Babooi delved into the key components of agro industry that resonate with FAI’s intended target audience.

With Fai being a fresh face in the agro product sector, their development strategy focused on minimizing complexity and ensuring their brand identity is conveyed clearly and effectively.


Gained Positive Feedback and Recognition from Target Audience

Fasal Agro Industries really hit it off with their clientele. Their packaging set a new standard for what it means to be fresh and forward-thinking in the agro business world.

“It was worth the wait. The amount of research and creativity they put into it was praiseworthy``

Firoz Ahmed
Firoz Ahmed (CEO of FAI)