Halda Valley

A Premium Tea Brand that values you

Halda Valley offers premium-grade tea from its own tea estate in Chittagong. With a statement of experience, Halda Valley pride itself on delivering excellence in tea experience. In international diplomatic affairs, products of Halda Valley is gifted by our honorable prime minister

Client: Halda Valley
Date: December 31, 2019
Services: Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Strategy, Website


Halda Valley was founded in 2003 with gradual improvement in the quality of tea, workforce, and plantation. And it prides itself for highly productive tea output due to installation of modern system.

Halda Valley has been exporting its tea for nearly two decades. And the quality of tea has been acknowledged all over the world. That is why the company has developed since. Now they have a modern irrigation system that complimented their intensity of tea production ( which is almost double the national average). Halda Valley is also awarded for its plantation many times over the years. Despite that, the company has faced many challenges in terms of the quality of branding. They’ve evaluated our previous works and invited us to give our creative and insightful input into their issues.


From our extensive research, We’ve realized that Halda Valley require changes in four major areas; design, packaging, branding and web

That time, this project was one of our most valued contract. We wanted to explore research options before starting any execution. After our extensive research of their previous branding technique, marketing efforts, effectiveness of communication, promotional activities, customers expectation and many more; we realized that Halda Vallley had many room for improvement. We started with a logo that brag premium statement to its customer base. Then we developed a modern cutting-edge webste and brand identity to associate with their premium brand voice. Many contents were produced through execution in Tea Estate of Halda Valley.


Halda Valley is recognized as country’s leading premium tea brand. Halda Valley tea is now a choice for diplomatic gifts by our Prime Minister

With unique packaging design, standout quality of tea and experience ; Halda Valley now pride itself for being highly recognized and prestigious brand for tea lovers.

“From the beginning, We wanted to make Halda Valley a prestigious statement for tea enthusiasts. We were not sure at the beginning if such execution is deliverable. But they've amazed us. We have some upcoming projects too. We'll definitely consider their creative input.``

Shamim Khan Managing Director, Halda Valley