Healthy Choice

Healthy Tea from one of the best tea estates in Sreemangal

To offer authentic tea experince of Sreemangal, Healthy Choice made to add its own local brand for tea lovers and tourists.

Client: Healthy Choice
Date: June 1, 2018
Services: Brand Identity, Packaging Design


Quality tea experience from the core origin of Sreemongol required a budget-friendly packaging design solution from us.

While branding was not the core concern due to a relatively generic target audience, minimal packaging design was expected by the client.


Babooi, proceeded with the philosophy of simplicity and minimalism in consideration during packaging design service.

Sreemongol Tea has nearly 8 variants of tea; Packvel emphasizes of look and experience of variants and applied it on packaging design.


Received increasingly high positive feedback and improved its reputation

With minimal packaging design; Healthy Choice now pride itself for being locally recognized and appraised brand for tea lovers and coming tourists.

“Such professional yet minimal packaging design should be an example for all local brands.``

Sourav Khan A Customer of Sreemangal Tea