Punjeree is the leading publishing company in Bangladesh for nearly 25 years.

To modernize their promotional activities, they wanted a new theme for social media ad campaigns 


Babooi aimed to resonate with the emotional landscape of students, who are at the heart of Punjeree’s mission.

By crafting a narrative that authentically represents their experiences, Babooi enhances the value that Punjeree offers, ensuring that it aligns with the genuine needs and aspirations of its core audience.


Featured in many national newspaper and prestigious web portal

The social media posts that were delivered saw an incredible organic reach. The engagement from the target audience on our social media campaigns was overwhelmingly positive.

“Consumers really long for authentic telemedicine that goes to their long-term lifestyle. Glad that we found Bachao. Their branding and service quality is praisewothy``

Fahim Gazy (Customer of Buniyadi)