Rubik Print

On-Demand Printing Service in Bangladesh


With a dream to transform how businesses deal with printing and packaging, Rubik Print wanted a disruptive solution.

The core reason why Rubik Print wanted to get into the business of printing and packaging was to change how people interact with printing and packaging company. They’ve explored the way they can reduce duration and hassle of service.


From our extensive research, We’ve realized that Rubik Print required changes in four major areas; design, packaging, branding and web

To make sure customers have the most convenient solution to their printing requirements, We’ve developed eCommerce website for Rubik Print. We tries to ensure that it’s responsive to all devices. Hundreds of products each having as many as ten combination were all configured for giving customer optimum customization option. We’ve also added canvas feature to website if existing designs require modification by customers. We’ve also made holistic approach to digital marketing with consistent brand voice and brand identity across all social media channels.


Featured in many national newspaper and prestigious web portal

Due to thought-provoking business idea and effectively connecting marketing communication, Rubik Print quickly found popularity and recognition. Rubik Print currently one of the prestigious printing startup in Dhaka.

“From the very first glance, Rubik Print seems professional. I am impressed by their branding and interactive website. Kudos to those who made it``

Md. Shafaath (Customer of Rubik Print)