Sourav Rice

Sourav Rice is a premium rice product brand for best food experience

Chashi Premium Rice Brand is dedicated to offering premium and international-grade rice for global customers

Client: Sourav Rice
Date: 2018-09-03
Services: Packaging Design


Sourav Rice is a premium-rice brand, which was looking for a premium appealing packaging design solution from Babooi.

Due to its brand personality of being elegant, high quality brand, Babooi was challenged with providing unconventional design solution to the client


Babooi started the design solution by adding the essence of farming by graphical inclusion of farmers in the field into design elements of Sourav Rice.

Babooi has always provided packaging with unique color which properly reflect the notion of premium branding..


Received increasingly high positive feedback and improved its reputation

With elegant packaging design; Chashi Premium Rice now pride itself for being locally recognized and appraised brand for premium customers.

“Packaging gives premium vibe of the product``

Fahhad Rezoan A Customer of Chashi Premium Rice