Styline Collection

Modest lifestyle platform for religious and young people in Bangladesh.

Client: Styline Collection
Date: 2016-01-06
Services: Brand Identity, Web Development, Strategy

01. Background

Styline Collection is an E-Commerce platform that offers modest fashionware in Bangladesh. Styline is offering cutting-edge design with an affordable price tag. Now they are selling modest women fashionware specially Hijab. Styline Collection started in Dhaka and delivering product nationwide.

Styline Collection required strategic and graphic solution that can easily express their core features and communicate brand effectively. Babooi Team helped create a strategic plan to address target audience as well as designed a elegance graphic materials.

02. Strategy

In urban areas in Bangladesh, a great proportion of girls war hijab. Though culturally hijab is been here for centuries but the perception of some people are always not going positive. Girls are been misinterpreted. Babooi tried to address this social crisis in Styline Collection’s branding strategy..

With a view to put an end to any kind of misinterpretation of Hijab and to create awareness regarding wearing hijab, Horin Branding helped Styline Collection with strategic planning to launch an online campaign titled “Shout for Matter of Heart”. ”

03. Results

The campaign started on 3rd April, 2015 and will continue till April 5th, and the goal is to stop people from misinterpreting Hijab. The idea is simple. Everyone out there will update a status with a picture and hashtag – “#MatterOfHeart” supporting hijab. It doesn’t only end there; one can support the cause by tagging their friends on Facebook – by nominating them to do the same.

The campaign got huge attention in Facebook and blog community and got featured in more than 10 online news portals. With more than a hundred thousand reaches, and few hundred hash-tagged status from concerned viewers, Styline had a successful launching.

“I think how many people join us will make a huge difference in how impactful it becomes at the end”

C. Khobaib Founder and CEO